Mindzone technologies provides Cloud-Based Hospital Software(online as well as offline) to assist healthcare departments to manage reports digitally quite error-free. Needless to say hospital jobs, nursing homes and pharmacist jobs seem stressful thus, Hospital software manage all departments at ease.

This is a modern healthcare software that allows managing entire operational challenges and activities performed in IPD-OPD departments. Hospital Software smartly automates clinical workflow, providing e-prescriptions, collecting patient information, medical reports, discharge summary, invoice & billing, etc.

HMS Software is specially designed to manage health care needs for Clinics, Lab, Hospital, Nursing Home, Blood Bank to Appointment, OPD, IPD, OT, Pharmacy, Inventory, Pathology, Radiology…..

    • Appointment
    • Quick and effective patient scheduling
    • Online and offline appointment availability
    • Patients, staff and doctor can check appointment staus
    • Handle the queue in a waiting room instantly
    • Send updates through SMS text messages or emails to reduce No- shows
      Patient Recordings
    • Keep a track of your patient visits & history; easily and digitally
    • Monitor the upcoming visits if any
    • Capture and stores the medical history, treatment required, reports
    • Printed prescriptions for easy understanding
    • Stores account and insurance detail
    • Keep a track of your patient visits & history; easily and digitally
    • Monitor the upcoming visits if any
    • Capture and stores the medical history, treatment required, reports
    • Printed prescriptions for easy understanding
    • Stores account and insurance detail
      Telemedicine (Zoom Integration)
    • Easy to use e-visit software that enables you to connect remotely with patients
    • Suitable for emergencies
    • On-call teleconferencing as well as initial pre-consults
    • Doctor and patient apps are included
    • Offering hassle-free online patient payment options, customizable consultation fees
      Integrated Pathalogy
    • Create a paperless lab (from sample collecting to Sending report by email / whatsapp sms)
    • Get verify reports in their login
    • Insource/outsource system
    • Auto highlights abnormal values
    • Patient app for getting report and sharing with doctor
      Integrated Pharmacy
    • Create paperless pharmacy record, billing
    • Create papeless integrated pharmacy reports
    • Create store and inventory
    • Distribute, manage & track it every time
    • Patient category based selling (insurance/ corporate/discount category
    • Retail and wholesale billing
    • Billing of outpatient consultancy and services with details of Patient Information, Services provided, Consultation Charges, Laboratory tests, X-ray, Ultrasound, Medicines, Procedures, etc.
    • Paper-Based and Electronic Claim billing services to insurance companies
    • Vital data for MIS reports
    • Manage commonly and recently used medicines
    • Option to show medicines available in pharmacy
    • SMS prescriptions to Patients
  • UHID Registration

    Ever Patients who visits the hospital they compulsory registered prior to getting any consultation, treatment or investigations done. Registration’s of patients are involving certain general and demographic information about the patient. The patient is allocated a unique Registration number and a patient identification number. The patient ID will remain same for his all subsequent visits to the hospital whereas he/she will be allocated a new Registration number on every visit.

    OPD Management

    When a patient comes to the hospital for outpatient treatment for the first time, a new registration number is generated. Personal details, such as name, gender, address and age are fed into the system along with the services the patient requires. This module also handles outpatient billing for the services required.

    OPD billing / Collection Billing of all OPD patients with complete details of Patient Information, Services provided like Consultation, Laboratory, X-ray, Ultrasound, Medicines, Procedures etc. along with Payment

    IPD Management

    When a patient wants to IPD registration he/she will come’s to the reception desk for admission - that point desperate new registration number is robotically allotted to that patient. The patient private details are along with the details of Room, Admission, Surgeon, Consultant, Diet, etc. and the Advance Payments are made into the software. The Software will record all this information and print the related documents.

    IPD Billing of All IPD patients with details of Patient information, Services provided on daily basis like Room rent, Operation, Delivery, Oxygen & other Gases, Consultation, Procedures etc.

    IPD Collection of part payment along/Full Payment details/Refunds/Credit Notes. This information will provide the data for all MIS report

    Reception Management

    Status of any Patient / Doctor can be queried from this module e.g. timing of Consultant, Residential Address / Patient room search, Patient account etc.

    Account Management

    Accounting module organizes the financial affairs of both customers and the medical institution. It stores and presents all the patient payment details, hospital financial records on expenses and overall profit

    Nursing Station

    The module helps nursing or ward staffs and facilities them to manage their ward on a floor. This module offers hospitals with the ability to effectively monitor bed availability, planned treatment, monitor patient vitals, planned diet chart, enter patient expenses and notes etc. It ensures that the facility for nurses to administer and support better patient care.

    Doctor Management

    In this category admin can add doctors who are working in the hospital. The user name, email ID and the password will be provided by the administrator. After that doctor’s have own profile on the system. After that doctors can manage their profile. After that doctor having below listed authority in the hospital management software.

    • Manage patient account opening and updating.
    • Create, manage, appointment of patient, prescription for patient.
    • Date and time based prescription.
    • View available time slots and allocate appointments accordingly.
    • Keep record of patient’s case history.
    • Provide medicines for patients.
    • View diagnostic reports of patients
    • Issue’s for operation of patients and creates operation report.
    • Block or schedule repeat appointments.
    OT Management

    The module tracks a wide range of operation or surgeries occur in the doctor’s facility. It helps plan operation theatres, surgery necessities. Ideal from planning the surgeries, recording the operation / surgery points of inters to agendas related with a surgery.

    Pathology Management

    Lab Test System handle your orders, automate report generations, enable smart notifications. Further, switch to analytical reports with an online Hospital management system.

    Lab test system carry complete details of the test services that are available in the hospital such as X-ray, CBC test, C.T. scan, blood test and different other test services. It also manages the history of test details according to the registered patient name.

    Pharmacy Management

    Mange pharmacy stocks, create bills and collect payments with a full featured purchasing system. No more waiting for stocks! The Hospital Management Software alerts Labs and Pharmacies about stock levels from time to time so that doctors can prescribe their patients with the medicines right away without any delay. Not just that! Users can even track the collections for the medical bills, creation of tax bills, handle returns, etc. this tailor-made software helps in better management avoiding delays.

    Inventory Management

    Effective management of stocks such as syringes, scheduled drugs, dressing and oxygen cylinders, are kept. Maintain an updated record of purchase orders, delivery data, MRN, issue slips, inventory and supplier payments.

    Safety & SecurityManagement

    Confidentiality is priority! With the practice management software, data is safe and secure. We comply with the international data norms