Pathology Management Software

Today, laboratories are getting crowded and thus getting impossible if managed manually to obtain high quality and efficiency. To operate labs with a greater level of efficiency and quality work, we have developed Pathology IT software with lot of research and system study Healthcare access has been transformed in the digital age with an easy software installation at diagnostic centers. MindzoneTechnologies has developed software with a complete understanding of your clinical, operational requirements continually support the path labs.Being a user-friendly digital application has proven its excellence in multiple ways.

Pathology IT enables your lab to go fully paperless!. You can now enable digital transformation with connected flows. Reduce time for reporting, be compliant to standards, and improve care delivery. PathologyIT connected Q system allows billing to be connected to the Lab. Technicians can view billed requests, collect samples, report results, print reports and share reports by whatsapp. Advanced error checking formulas will make your reports error free. Pathology IT also supports lab automation by automatically reading results from the lab machines.

Pathology Software Includes Following Features

Despite of performing digital functionalities, our software packages are also used by laboratories for performing monitoring functions like data records and printing management reports. The most versatile features of the centralized platform suit all Laboratories due to its smooth functioning. Easy to use after successfully software installation here features are the ultimate following as:

  • Tailor-made ERP for Path labs
  • Patient Data Management
  • Test Booking
  • Collect the Sample by Sample type for one or multiple tests
  • Accurate Machine data
  • Report Entry
  • Verification of Report
  • Approved by Lab Doctor and Consult Doctor
  • Report Generation and Sign-off

Automated Diagnostics Report review notifications to the Doctor as well as Patient