Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy Information System or Pharmacy Management System is an excellent system that stores data and allows functionality to maintain and organize the medication use and process within pharmacies. The system is an independent technology, particularly in use for pharmacies and hospital settings.

The innovation in the medical industry is growing day-by-day, and the developers are using this opportunity in controlling their stock and choosing the medicine with the help of the right program. They use the pharmacy information system to control the pharmacy structure reliably.

These systems do everything right from providing insights and simplifying the management of drug inventory, to tracking and enhancing the supply of pharmaceutical products. A complete pharmacy management system also aids in handling pricing, making sure prescriptions are matched to the appropriate dosage and medication, automates processing claims.

Features of Pharmacy Management System:

The prime purpose of a PMS is to assist the pharmacist in the safe and effective delivery of pharmaceutical drugs.

The pharmacies require some core capabilities and functions to perform their duties effectively. Below are some of the top five features for a Pharmacy Management System.

  • Pharmacists interact with a number of patients on an everyday basis, and data related to each one of these interactions is recorded and stored within the pharmacy information system. This data can be leveraged in the future for enhancing business strategy or it could be needed at the time of certification or for the inspection process.

    Data reports furnish key insights and patterns related to the way in which a particular pharmacy operates. These reports can also help service providers in differentiating patients who visit the pharmacy often for refills from new ones. This information can then be utilized to stock appropriately and create new marketing strategies especially tailored to suit the needs of repeat buyers.

  • Prescriptions are known to be illegible and this can cause confusion among patients and is also a source of error in dispensing the right medicine. E-prescriptions provide a user-friendly option for the patients and also reduce the risk of errors.

    The electronic prescription feature can be used by the pharmacy to manage refills and allows doctors to send the new refills directly into the pharmacy management system, allowing rapid dispensing of the medicines. Apart from this, there will be no confusion in offering the right prescription between the physician and the patient.

  • The user can manage stores at multiple locations easily with a pharmacy information system. Data about stock levels, sales, returns from multiple stores can be viewed in a single software. Overall reports for the entire chain of stores can be generated, giving the user a complete overview of profit, loss, stock levels, etc.

  • Setting re-order points, knowing when you need to refill the stock, which product is better performing in the inventory and so on… Crucial insights like this help every pharmacist to stay organized and informed. The pharmacists can set the minimum & maximum stock level point, the software will indicate whenever the stock reaches the minimum level & they can place a re-order. The system also suggests the best buy option with nearest suppliers’ schemes & offer to save more.

  • This feature allows restricted access to various users. Access to various features can be limited for different users, for easy management. This authentication is classified into two conditions namely

    Administrator User:

    The user can control the buying and selling process, list the medicines, view the stock and perform other tasks. The user will be able to view the pharmacy list and the pharmacy map easily. It plays an essential role in controlling the sales and stocks being processed every day.

    Administrator Authentication User:

    The users who are authenticated can view all process including selling reports, transactions, manipulate the medicine list and the medicine stock. This feature also helps to track regular activities and generate daily accounts by utilizing the multisite software.

Benifits of Pharmacy Management System:

  • Keeps track of Prescribed Medicines
  • Handles extra health and wellness services
  • Oversees and manages stock
  • Recognizes Expired Items
  • Reduces the number of Billing and Medication errors
  • Generates Analytical Pharmacy Reports
  • Improved Control over Pharmacy Operations